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Prashant Rajkhowa I think I have attention deficit disorder but it's a good thing. My professional career profile is pretty colourful – TV reporter, music channel producer, ad film director, show producer, stage manager, columnist, voice over artist – but given a choice, I'd rather dive in the Caribbean every morning after breakfast.

I'm slightly cranky so the Internet is the best place for me. I read, write, blog, travel (25 countries out of 193 so far), am a Nat Geo OW Diver, enjoy sandbox games and am always in the middle of planing my next trip.

The Last Thing I Said Online...

CONTACT ME: info(at)prashantrajkhowa.com

TV Work

Some of the shows I've made for TV. Click here to see the rest...

CONTACT ME: info(at)prashantrajkhowa.com

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